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Title: Director Marketing & Business Development for Icelandair

How is it to work for such a big company as Icelandair?
Icelandair is actually a rather small company if we compare ourselves to our strongest rivals. However, on an Icelandic scale the company is rather big and it does create challenges in managing our brand and how our employees go about their daily lives to live our strategy. I believe, at the end of the day it is about being authentic and humble and respect our customers, employees and competitors.

How many days in a year do you spend abroad?
I probably spend around 40 days abroad per year, depending on what projects are running and what the needs are. I try to spend as much time in the office as possible.

Which destination would you recommend for a fashionable shopping trip?
I enjoy shopping in the USA, but it depends what I am shopping for. When I’m shopping for clothes, I usually shop at airports, but Copenhagen and Frankfurt are great options, many are not aware of this.

Why do you think it is important to support the local design industry?
Design leads to creativity and creativity leads to innovation. All forms of innovation are essential for Icelandair to grow and evolve as an airline. Supporting the design industry helps us live that culture and also has the addition benefit of increasing the awareness of Iceland as a nice place to visit.

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